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The reign of animals in the meme kingdom has come to pass

$RHPC: Ascension Beyond Animals

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Richard Heart Home Mobile Pee on Pepe

Hyper Deflationary automated smart contract with 4x Burning mechanisms & 0.3% Transactional FEEs

Weekly Raffle : 15% is sent automatically to the weekly lottery

15% marketing activities

70% burnt

Lottery winners will receive 80% of the rewards - 20% are burned

Monthly Burn - 1% from Total Supply

100% $RHPC received from Richie NFT’s collection sales are burned

Buying MEME coins is like a comedy roulette. You never know what hilarity will ensure!
  • Presale Richie Coin

Presale $RHPC = 50%

$RHPC MAX SUPPLY = 6,969,696,696,696

SMART CONTRACT ETHEREUM CHAIN : 0xCa4a88767E29cEC8e0821CA6Ee3E42Eb630926B1

In case there will remain unsold tokens, they will be burned at the end of sale.

Listing Price $0.00000024

0.3% Transactional Burns

0.3% Transactional Burns

300 X more MEOW

600 X more REWARDING

1200 X more FUN


300 X more MEOW

600 X more REWARDING

1200 X more FUN


  • image Vision & community

Imagine a vibrant world where Richard Heart reigns supreme on the Pulse blockchain, turning everyone’s journey into a rewarding rollercoaster ride. The grand vision is to cultivate a sustainable and inclusive community-powered Richie that's all about having a blast together. Not just building a meme; but crafting a bond between the lively community and Richie. It's a harmonious dance where everyone boogies to success and enjoyment. We firmly believe in the power of embracing wild experiments, out-of-the-box innovations, and yes, even making a few blunders along the way. But hey, that's all part of the fun, right? Here to adapt, learn, and utilize every tool in the arsenal to Richie’s advantage. However, let's not forget the secret sauce: an incredible community. They are the true heroes behind any project's triumph. So, number one mission is to keep our holders grinning from ear to ear, by being transparent, fair, and always ready to put on the greatest show in town. Cheers to an exhilarating and laughter-filled adventure with Richie!

Richie Coin Tokenomics

Richie Coin Tokenomics

RHPC Total Supply : 6,969,696,696,696
RHPC Total Supply : 6,969,696,696,696

Richie’s guns and barrels are loaded

Richie’s guns and barrels are loaded

In Richard Heart we Trust

The Ethereum 4X Deflationary Token $RHPC burns a significant number of tokens every transaction, every lottery, and every month.

The Ethereum 4X Hyper Deflationary Token $RHPC burns a significant number of tokens every transaction, every lottery, and every month.
Richard Heart

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